Unparalleled Ambiance Fusion: Magnus redefines luxury by seamlessly combining the allure of a high-definition Mirror TV with the cozy warmth and mesmerizing beauty of an integrated ambience fireplace, creating an unmatched ambiance that captivates the senses.

Customized Elegance: Experience tailored opulence with Magnus as it offers customizable sizing options to fit perfectly within your space, providing an exquisite focal point that merges modern aesthetics with timeless charm.

Innovative Magic-Fire Fireplace: The integrated Magic-Fire fireplace technology introduces a captivating twist to traditional fireplaces. Utilizing water vapor and lighting, it crafts lifelike and dynamic flames that dance with enchanting realism, imparting an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

Dual-Functioning Masterpiece: Magnus is a true marvel of design and functionality, offering the best of both worlds – a captivating fireplace to set the mood and a high-quality Mirror TV to indulge in entertainment, all seamlessly housed in a single, elegant piece.

Bespoke Comfort and Luxury: Elevate your living space with the ultimate statement piece that goes beyond the ordinary. Magnus crafts an intimate haven where cutting-edge technology converges with the allure of a fireplace, creating an oasis of comfort and luxury.

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  • Magnus Smart Mirror
  • Magnus Smart Mirror
  • Magnus Smart Mirror
  • Magnus Smart Mirror


Tailored Sizing Options

High-Definition Mirror TV

Integrated Magic-Fire Fireplace

Realistic Flame Effect

Adjustable Flame Settings

Seamless Integration

Wireless Connectivity

Smart TV Functionality

Remote Control

Versatile Mirror Glass Choices

Safety Features

Energy-Efficient Fireplace

Integrated Audio

Customizable Frames

Easy Installation

LED lighting

Custom shapes



TV tuner





Magic Mirror

Magnus is a unique combination of a custom-sized Mirror TV and an integrated Magic-Fire fireplace, offering a one-of-a-kind solution that enhances ambiance and sophistication in any living space.

These features collectively make Magnus a unique and multifunctional centerpiece that seamlessly combines modern technology, captivating visuals, and cozy ambiance to elevate your living space.


  • In the many years of our cooperation, they have always been characterised by a cheerful, but professional, goal-oriented atmosphere. Whether in popular hotel chains in the luxury segment or the demanding individual hotel industry, with Mues-Tc, Viktiora and your team, we have been able to perform to the customer without restriction and deliver impeccable products.
    With best regards Dipl.-Ing.
    Hauke Brauer, General Manager P-Labor elektronik GmbH
  • Smart Mirror – a great product and top service from Mues-Tec.
    We, the Fackelmann Group with the bathroom furniture brands Fackelmann, Lanzet and Badmobil, have been working successfully with Mues-Tec for years. This cooperation has already resulted in 2 very successful projects – one in the Lanzet product range (sanitaryware trade) and the other, under Fackelmann, an exclusive product for one of the largest DIY store chains in Germany.
    The entire Mues-Tec team impressed us with their professional and committed service. From joint development to after-sales service, they were always there for us and took care of our concerns and questions with great care.
    During the project phase, Mues-Tec proved that they have the technical know-how and experience to deliver Smart Mirror solutions of the highest standard. The quality of the products and the range of software solutions are really impressive. The Smart Mirrors complement our range perfectly and combine our bathroom mirrors with the latest technology.
    Mues-Tec’s outstanding after-sales service deserves special mention. They permanently ensured that everything worked perfectly and were always available to us for any questions, even after the projects were completed.
    Therefore, we can highly recommend Mues-Tec if you are looking for high quality Smart Mirror solutions. The professional team combined with very good development work and excellent after-sales service, makes them a reliable partner for any project. We are extremely happy with our decision to work with Mues-Tec and will definitely consider them again for future projects.
    Thanks again to Ms Thur and Mues-Tec for the great cooperation!
    With kind regards
    Volker Skuras, Fackelmann GmbH + Co.KG
  • It gives me immense pleasure to partner Mues-Tec here in Dubai, UAE. Since our inception as an IT-ELV System Integrator in 2021, we have been part of Mues-Tec, and the support we get from Ms. Viktoria and the entire Mues-Tec Team is extremely professional and instant, as our hospitality clientele here in Dubai, expects this all the time.
    I wish Mues-Tec a prosperous journey ahead. May we, together, win more and more laurels in this region.
    Best wishes from
    Renny Ninan, Director – Sales
    Net Plus Information Technology Network Services Co.

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