Smart Kitchen, the Trend of the Future – Kitchen Smart Mona as the New Highlight at the Cooktop!

February 9, 2021

The new focal point in the home will clearly be the kitchen in the future. With smart kitchen controls, it’s already possible to conveniently and centrally control connected smart home devices. Thanks to the advance of automatic functions, especially in the kitchen, daily routines are turning into real events. Linked cooking apps, the possibility of voice calls with loved ones, or the synchronization of shopping lists – the Smart Kitchen is definitely an emerging trend.

Smart Kitchen, the Trend of the Future – Kitchen Smart Mona as the New Highlight at the Cooktop!

With Kitchen Smart MONA to an Interactive Kitchen

The first step towards an intelligent and smart kitchen can definitely be taken with Mues-Tec’s Kitchen Smart Mona 60. Besides its elegant design, Mona impresses with its diverse functions.

Thanks to Smart Home technology based on Android, MONA makes the kitchen cabinet door interactive. Kitchen Smart conjures up cooking videos, Internet TV, and many other attractive apps on its smart surface with a tap or voice control. Via Bluetooth or WLAN, MONA connects to smart kitchen appliances and entertainment electronics. A built-in camera allows for Skype and chat, while the integrated microphone offers perfect voice control. Tailored for the compact oven and wall cabinet, its high-quality black glass surface perfectly matches common kitchen appliances – while preserving storage space! At the same time, thanks to its certified construction with steam and splash protection, MONA can be safely used even when the stove is on full steam.

Thus, functionality meets safety – embedded in an elegant design!

From Future Trend to Everyday Helper.

And the Austrian natural stone dealer, STRASSER Steine, also sees the Smart Kitchen in its contribution as the future centerpiece of the Smart Home area. Here, all devices in the kitchen are connected to the internet and can be centrally controlled via mobile phone, tablet, or smart surfaces, like the Smart Mirror MONA – from anywhere and at any time!

Smart cooking begins with the preparation, whether it’s a digital shopping list, product shelf life, recipe ideas from the internet, or simply preheating the oven – with Smart Kitchen, the control of all functions is centralized. Additionally, entire reaction chains can be formed that manage the dependency of processes and trigger subsequent reactions to a previous event. For example, an empty bean compartment in the coffee machine can prompt a reminder to buy more coffee beans on the synchronized shopping list. But it can also be much simpler. For instance, turning on the stove can simultaneously activate the extractor hood.

Just a touch of a finger is enough to get your personal gourmet kitchen going.

Thus, the kitchen sheds its image as a dull housewife’s territory and is increasingly evolving into a modern centerpiece within one’s own four walls. Additions like smart home functions and internet connectivity make the currently popular concept of ‘open living’ even more flexible, attractive, and exciting.

Smart Kitchen as an all-around talent – not only in the kitchen itself.

However, the Smart Kitchen offers advantages that go beyond its place of use. In addition to increased cooking convenience, the Smart Kitchen also promotes environmental protection. Despite the high power consumption of smart home devices, they are intelligently designed to provide increased energy savings in other areas. Individual appliances can select suitable programs for every occasion, whether it’s a shorter dishwasher cycle or the ideal microwave heating temperature. Moreover, power consumption can be monitored and adjusted centrally even when you’re not at home.

But also with regard to the regular use of food, the Smart Kitchen promises real added value. By tracking the freshness of perishables or automatically adjusting the refrigerator temperature perfectly, it reduces food waste and, consequently, household waste. Additionally, the Smart Kitchen provides increased protection and safety for all its applications and functions. The central system can detect water damage, short circuits, and cable fires within seconds and either notifies the user or directly alerts an emergency center.

This makes cooking and baking together with your loved ones a safe and enjoyable family activity at all times!

Smart Kitchen, the Trend of the Future – Kitchen Smart Mona as the New Highlight at the Cooktop!

An outlook

When you look at innovative developments, it often seems that they threaten old traditions in their continuation and break inherited routines. However, this is exactly where you can see the Smart Kitchen as a real opportunity. Through features like Skype or music and video entertainment, Mom or Grandma can be live when the old family recipe is being tested for the first time, and this virtual family gathering is accompanied by good music and, naturally, good mood and fun – a multi-generational event for the whole family! Even those who are not enthusiastic about cooking will gladly become a spoon-wielding chef, but in a modern way!

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Smart Kitchen, the Trend of the Future – Kitchen Smart Mona as the New Highlight at the Cooktop!