Why it’s worth spending a little more money when it comes to purchasing a television for the wet or damp room area.

A specialized custom-made TV, whether from Mues-Tec or other providers, generally costs a bit more than a conventional TV from a discount store, for example. At first glance, both might seem to do the same thing, namely broadcast television programs. So, what justifies the higher price of a wet room television? It’s a legitimate question, and we’d like to answer it here.

Mues-Tec Tuners are specifically designed for low-voltage use to minimize power consumption and ensure optimal safety. We don’t use ordinary tuners and modify them; instead, we purchase tuners that work seamlessly with 12 volts DC. Since the market for 12-volt tuners without integrated power boards is rather limited, these tuners are simply more expensive to acquire.

As Mues-Tec is a niche product, the components for the mirror and bathroom TVs cannot be purchased in bulk. We combine our orders wherever possible to achieve a reasonable purchase price for materials. The market is still far from mass production.

With many individual solutions and approaches, Mues-Tec’s innovative end products are rightfully considered handcrafted. While machines do some of the preliminary work, they are meticulously assembled by skilled hands. Good work deserves a fair price.

Not all glass is the same! We source our mirrors from selected specialty glass manufacturers in Asia, the USA, and Germany. These glasses have few applications in conventional use and are exclusively found in the premium segment for innovative productions like ours, i.e., mirrored displays. Here, we focus less on price and more on quality.

The Mues-Tec television does not require active ventilation outside of its mounting frame. This means it can be installed in the wall or even in the shower. This is a feature that no conventional TV offers.

The protective, very stable, and easy-to-maintain glass surface safeguards the electronic components from water, steam, and dust. Even the vibration speakers integrated behind the glass are absolutely protected and provide excellent sound quality.

Last but not least, a television from Mues-Tec offers much more in terms of aesthetics alone than any conventional TV. Whether it’s due to its high-quality stainless steel frame made in Germany or the various mirror variants with a completely invisible TV unit when turned off. A Mues-Tec TV is always an eye-catcher.