InnovativTV: The Latest Television Technology

February 16, 2017

In a nutshell, Mues-Tec presents the latest television technology, the Smart Mirror, offering functional value.

InnovativTV: The Latest Television Technology

Großenlüder/Frankfurt in March 2017 – The Smart Mirror concept combines Mirror TV with touchscreen functionality, internet access, and Bluetooth connectivity.

InnovativTV: The Latest Television Technology

The advantages of the Smart Mirror lie in its efficiency. Users can easily customize and adjust their daily information, turning the Smart Mirror into a personalized information hub that provides targeted updates on weather, traffic, and financial news from around the world.

InnovativTV: The Latest Television Technology

The new Frame TV serves as an information hub and a stunning centerpiece in any room. Hidden behind high-quality mirror glass is a TV screen that can go up to 55 inches. The bright LED screen with a wide viewing angle delivers brilliant television images when turned on and transforms into a luxurious mirror when turned off. The TVs are framed according to preference, ranging from simple and elegant to opulent and extravagant.

InnovativTV: The Latest Television Technology

With the built-in Kitchen TV featuring a touchscreen and Bluetooth functionality, there are no more obstacles to enjoying a special cooking experience. You can look up recipes, Skype with family on the side, or listen to internet radio, all thanks to the space-saving mirrored Kitchen TV. Designed to fit perfectly into a compact oven cabinet, this cabinet remains fully functional and can be used as usual in everyday life. The black glass seamlessly blends with common kitchen appliances and makes the TV invisible when turned off.

innovativTV combines sophisticated technology and personalized design!

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